Founder Stories

Coral Jordan is the name my father would have given to me if I had been born a boy, and I think it is the perfect name for my unisex clothing line.

 I believe in the new revolution in the definition of luxury. Until now, fashion has always served as status symbol. I have decided to create a line of genuine streetwear fashions, where even a suit will express a street sensibility. Today, all the major fashion brands are getting involved in street wear fashion culture. We want to be a leader in this aesthetic rebellion, pushing fashion away from the assertion of social class identities, and towards a logic of individual expression for our time, with a commitment to environmentally friendly materials and accessible pricing.

I see streetwear as the understated, relaxed luxury of today, for strong-minded people who wear clothes that they just really love.

At the beginning I designed Coral Jordan with women in mind, because I find women dressed in boys’ clothes attractive, a feeling that many men share as well. Many women enjoy wearing their boyfriend’s clothes -- shirts, hoodies, suits and so on – because it feels sexy and provocative. For me, a woman who is carelessness of conventional gender roles and expectations is strong and seductive